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Collateral is used in every aspect of our lending operation…

“When we introduced Collateral into the organization, we initially viewed it as an underwriting tool for mortgages. We later learned that its value extends to all of our lending where the applicant is a homeowner and equity is playing a role in a lending decision. We also began using it with respect to our collections and enforcement. We now use it in just about every aspect of our lending operation from the application, to underwriting, all the way to enforcement, and we use it as a selling tool to identify upsell opportunities on deals. It is an invaluable tool!”

C. McElroy
Former executive at a GTA finance company that offers loans and mortgages

Saved thousands in wasted time alone…

“By having Collateral implemented into our underwriting system we have literally saved thousands of dollars in wasted time alone, identifying who is on title, estimated values of the real estate, and non-disclosed mortgages that are actually registered and on title.”

J. Vyner
VP, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at New Haven Mortgage Income Fund

Collateral helps our agents grow their business and brings value and credibility to our customers…

“Collateral is a real-time, value-add differentiator for our agents. The quality of information provided through Collateral helps our agents grow their business and brings value and credibility to our customers. Instantly our agents have access to a wealth of information, including who is registered on title, estimated value, present and historic sales, all registered mortgage information, along with neighbourhood profile. This is the one tool that every mortgage agent should have in their toolbox.”

G. Krahn
Vice President and Principal Broker at The Mortgage Group

This product put us on a level playing field…

“The launch of Collateral for Mortgage Brokers has been one of the most successful product launches we’ve had at our brokerage. The information behind the product helps us communicate on a level playing field with our lenders and allows us to be better prepared to speak with our customers. It makes no sense why a broker wouldn’t be leveraging this tool to save time and increase sales.”

D. Lee
President at The Mortgage Architects